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Cat Head mousepad

Cat Head mousepad

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The vital part of any desk

one of the most important aspects of any desk is a mousepad. mousepads allow you to use your mouse without causing any damage to the desk, without having any traction issues and provided extra protection to your mouse while having a cute cat design.

 Comes In Different Sizes For Different Setups

The Cat Head Mousepad comes in 2 different sizes so you can choose what works best for your setup. our sizes are 220x180mm and 260x210mm.

Seaming Designed For Long-term Use

The Cat Head Mousepad comes with an ant-fraying stitched frame which protects against wear, tear and deformation.

Non-slip rubber base

The Cat Head Mousepad comes with a non-slip rubber base which grips your desk firmly to avoid random movement and provides stable operation of your mouse and keyboard


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