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RGB Gaming Mousepad with Minimalistic design

RGB Gaming Mousepad with Minimalistic design

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Take Your Gaming Setup To The Next Level

Mousepads play a massive role in any gaming setup allowing the mouse to smoothly glide along the surface making gaming easier. The RGB Gaming Mousepad does this and so much more, it allows you to bring lighting and colour to a minimalistic mousepad design to enhance your setup. The RGB Gaming mousepad is made with Fine-stripe woven cotton for balance, handling and speed as well as coming with a thick non-slip rubber sole.

Enhance Your Setup With RGB

The RGB Gaming Mousepad comes with many different colours and several different lighting modes easily adjustable with the click of a button as well as options to change the brightness allowing you to pick a colour and setting that suits your setup.

Comes In Different Sizes For Different Setups

The RGB Gaming Mousepad comes in 3 different sizes so you can choose what works best for your setup. Our smallest size of 350 x 250mm. Our medium size of 800 x 300mm. Our largest size of 900 x 400mm.

Thick And Neat Seaming Designed For Long-term Use

The RGB Gaming Mousepad comes with thick and neat seaming which provides increased wrist comfort and no degumming for long-term use.

Comes With A Wire Designed To Last

The RGB Gaming Mousepad comes with a 1.8m/70.86" detachable USB cable made with Braided wire designed specifically to be strong and durable.


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